Saturday, July 11, 2009

updating jap!

halu korg!! its been long2 time xupdate my blog.sorry coz bz wif a lot of things tmasuklah MALAS nk updet! hahaha.. few weeks & months,many things had happen to me.
joyful, tears, geram, rimas, malas, rajin[;P], jalan2, alone, weird, bored etc! pftttt! ade hal2 yg dibengangkan jgk lately.but its okay! today it's ur day.
so,nk update sume kt cni, for sure, it takes more than 1 day to story here,rite? eventho sbnrnye bole draft jek!heee~ afta exam dat day,quite a lot of movies yg dh tgk. iskk..need to list here? it's LONG list! bank statement pon LONG jgk! hahaha..
dis couple weeks, i've juz keep repeating most of MJ's songS! repeat and repeat again! really miss MJ alottsss!! your music will live forever! i was so touched,when his daughter,Paris cried on dat Staples Center stage! :(

btw,i'm gonna miss my friendsssss!! why ek?? hehehe.. tny i sendiri k,tgk la i nk jwb ke x! hikhik~

remember: what comes around,may comes around back ppl!

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